Which Is Better: Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage

A lot of people in Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Toronto, and Istanbul, are interested to know if love marriage is better or arrange marriage.

We all know that couples are made in heavens. Also, we are aware of the fact that marriage is an important decision of life and we should not take it hurriedly.

It is important to see if our spouse has all the characteristics that are needed to live a happy married life or not. Whether you do love marriage or arrange marriage, you just need to be assured that your male partner is settled in his business or is doing a good job.

On the other hand, boys should be assured that their female partners know how to cook, how to manage the households, and are physically strong so that they could produce healthy babies tomorrow.

Islam has given full permission to everyone to choose his or her life partner. We just need to make sure that our partner has the similar mental caliber as we have.

Marriage is not a commitment of a day or two. Instead, it a commitment of a lifetime and requires you to sacrifice a lot of things just to please your partner. First of all, girls leave their parents, siblings, and whole house for a boy and his family. On the other hand, a boy welcomes a new member to his life, and gives her the right to interfere his personal matters.

So, marriage is all about how well you settle with your partner no matter if your marriage is love or arranged. Once you get married, it is your duty to make your partner happy and to share his sorrows.

Life is all about ups and downs, and life partners have to face all problems together. If people of Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Istanbul, and Toronto, learn these things, they will surely live happy after marriage.

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