Benefits Of Offering Prayers

Every Muslim of New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Paris, London, and Dubai, knows the significance of offering prayers.

In the five pillars of Islam, prayer is the most common and widely performed duty. Followers of Islam are bound to offer five prayers in a day. It is not only an obligation, but also good for human health.

Scientists and health experts prove that offering prayer is beneficial for our heart, brain, and other body organs. First of all, it improves our body posture.

Having an improper body posture is the commonest thing these days. Many people suffer from this issue and look for a treatment. If you begin offering five prayers in a day, your body posture naturally gets better. Also, it increases flexibility in our body, and strengthens the backbone.

It is true that the sounds we produce have some effects on the secretion of glands. All of these sounds reach the brain, and it either triggers them or stops the secretion of the glands. Muslims who offer prayers regularly are believed to have better secretion of the glands such as the pituitary gland, and thyroid gland.

Religious scholars claim that the recitation of Surah Fatiha in the Qiyam, a part of prayers, improves the function of glands and lungs. While offering prayers, you remain in the state of Ruku which is good for knees and bones. Also, you keep your hands straight for a few minutes, and it is an excellent body posture.

When a religious person remains in this state for a couple of minutes, the blood begins flowing in the body in a better way. Not only this but also it makes the bones strong and stretchable.

Prayers are also good to reduce weight. These help us to remain clean and neat the whole day. Thus, we can easily get rid of germs and harmful polluted particles.

Summing it up, every Muslim of Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York, should offer his prayers so that he remains physically and mentally strong.

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