Arshad Khan Quits Showbiz: The Reason Is Revealed

Arshad Khan quickly gained popularity due to his good looks, deep-blue eyes, tall height, bright skin and medium height. This tea-maker resided in a hilly area of Pakistan and was first clicked by a group of journalists.

At that time, no one knew that this person will soon become a social media sensation and will be admired the world over for his beauty and personality. Luckily, Arshad Khan got the chance to work in Pakistan television industry. He received various modeling offers, and a lot of filmmakers wanted to cast him in their next projects.

Unfortunately, this guy did not show any interest in the glamour world and chose to move back to his hometown. Today, Arshad Khan is living a simple life and prefers to be with his family members rather than actors and actresses.

Some news channels claim that Arshad Khan has started the same business and is selling tea at a local store of his city. It is good to know that he did not work in the television or modeling industries because these types of works are not permitted in our religion.

Islam forbids everyone to earn money through such stupid and cheap means. Still, some people run after money and forget their religious and moral values. In fact, a large number of youngsters and old-age individuals work on television and consider it a good source of income.

You can earn a lot being an actor or actress, but you can never get peace of mind and will have to work alongside actors and actresses who cross their limits for the sake of money. No doubt, Arshad Khan chose the right path and kept himself away from the limelight.

Initially, he had worked in a couple of video albums and commercials, but he decided to call it quit. We really appreciate his decision and wish him good luck.

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