Who Is Amir Khan’s Wife, Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makhdoom has had revived her relationship with Amir Khan, and they have started living together after a few months. Fans probably know that there had been various problems between two of them and the rumors of their divorce circulated on the internet.

It’s safe to say that ups and downs are part of our life, but Faryal is one of those ladies who doesn’t care of their in-laws and husbands and run after cheap publicity. In order to gain media and public attention, Makhdoom regularly shares her bold and glamorous pictures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites.

Amazingly, Faryal Makhdoom has been sharing her photos on social media for a long time, and her mother-in-law and husband were not happy with this act. Some people claim that she used to be a fashion model while the others say that she was a socialist and had cheated on her husband with Anthony Joshua, a boxing star.

Whatsoever the problems may be, it is good to know that Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom has resolved them and have started living a happy life. They tied the knot in 2013 in a private ceremony, where only a few close friends and relatives were invited.

Makhdoom was born in Brooklyn, to Shaukat and Zia. They have their own luxury home in New York City, and Faryal Makhdoom was introduced to Amir Khan in the United States. Before their marriage, she was studying at Rutgers University School of Arts and Science and got a degree in journalism. Later on, Faryal continued her studies and majored in political sciences.

The couple, who got married in a glamorous ceremony, have one kid together. Lamisah was born in 2014, and since then Faryal and Amir are in the news due to their marital problems. Thankfully, they have decided to give this relationship another try, and we wish both Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan good luck.

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