American Singer Reciting Quranic Verses

Muslims of New York, Dubai, London, Paris, Toronto, and Istanbul know that Islam is the most powerful religion in the world. More and more non-Muslims show interest in this religion.

Previously, several Bollywood and Hollywood stars claimed that they want to know more about Holy Quran, and Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

And now an American singer is said to have embraced Islam. According to media reports, this girl was learning the Arabic language for months.

Later she decided to learn how to recite Holy Quran and learned this beautiful book with translation. She was quite impressed by religious scholars of the US that she quickly became a Muslim.

It would not be wrong to say that Islam, being the universal version of a primordial faith, attracts more people towards it. Those who say that this religion promotes terrorism should amend their ways.

By no means, Islam favors terrorists or criminals. Instead, Allah says that people who do bad things will find their destination in the Hell. On the other hand, individuals who live their lives according to Islamic rules will be sent to the Heaven.

Some of the most famous prophets include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All these persons spread the message of Allah during their respective periods.

Only Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only person who was sent by Allah to the whole mankind. He (PBUH) faced a lot of difficulties during His time, but never gave up.

He (PBUH) wanted to invite a large number of non-Muslims to Islam so that they could embrace this religion for their survival in both worlds.

Extremists of that time went against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and they planned to kill Him. By the grace of Allah, our beloved Muhammad (PBUH) remained safe and laid the foundation of five pillars of Islam.

Every religious person in Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, London, Paris, and New York, should live a simple life so that he achieves success.

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