Did Al-Aqsa Mosque Exist In The Times Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Most of the Islamic scholars in Dubai, Paris, New York, London, Toronto, and Istanbul have agreed that Al-Aqsa mosque was built by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to several historical sources, Jerusalem was devastated in 70 A.D. In those days, non-Muslims destructed Bayt al Makdis. However, Muhammad (PBUH) came in front and played His vital role in the restoration of this mosque.

At present, the Wailing Wall of Jews and Al-Buraq Wall of Muslims are the remnants of the old mosque. During the times of Umar (R.A.), Jerusalem was conquered completely. This man tried his best to preserve this place because he was aware of its religious importance.

Later on, Al-Aqsa mosque was extended during the times of Abdulmalik bin Marwan, an Umayyad caliph. The octagonal Qubbatu’s-Sahra is present in the neighborhood of Al-Aqsa mosque.

It is believed that a Turkish Muslim constructed it, and later on restored by Abdulmalik bin Marwan. These days, several religious scholars do not believe the claims that Al-Aqsa mosque has not been talked about in the verses of Sura al-Isra.

Centuries ago, Jerusalem was full of temples. Non-Muslims used to build their own religious places to worship their gods. However, Prophet (PBUH) laid the foundation of A-Aqsa mosque. He (PBUH) paved the ways for other Muslims so that they could come forward and build such houses of Almighty God in a large number.

Some believe that Al-Aqsa mosque was present in the times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while others say it was not present. Few of the religious scholars have even claimed that there is no information about Al-Aqsa mosque in verses but hadiths.

On the other hand, a few have mentioned that it is the location that has been described in a verse of Sura al-Isra, and there is no doubt that it existed in the times of Muhammad (PBUH).

Every year, Muslims from Paris, Dubai, Toronto, New York, Istanbul, and London, visit this holy place in a large number.

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