Actress Meera is Always Meera, A Controversial Lady

Actress Meera is a bold and gorgeous Pakistani. She was born in 1977. Her original name is Irtiza Rubab. Meera is famous across London, Dubai and New York as well as other parts of the world as a highly controversial celeb.

Meera began acting career at very young age. She worked both in movies and drama series. Her debut movie released in 1995. Meera received nationwide critical acclaim due to her performance in Khilona (1996).

For her beautiful performance in this movie, Meera received awards. Some of her other movies are Inteha, Nazar, Salakhain, and many more.

Apart from her movie performance, Meera is famous for her bold personality, and of course she is said to have married thrice in her life–with all marriages done secretly.

When interviewed, Meera not only says that she got many wedding proposals from young men of London, Dubai and New York, but also she received a couple of marriage offers from rich Pakistani men.

In such circumstances, what was the reason Meera proposed Mr. Imran Khan last year. On rejection and the announcement of his marriage with Reham Khan, Meera shed tears and was seen in sad mood a number of times.

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These clips are from a recent news about controversial lady Meera and the recent marriage proposal she received. Well, the truth is that Meera has never be in short of men looking to marry her, but she is said to be serious for Imran Khan, who is a political leader of Pakistan.

Also, we can see that Meera is trying to talk in English. Well, the honesty is when she speaks only in her native language. I feel sad and want Meera to get married soon. Do you also want the same for the lovely lady?

It is alright if Meera doesn’t know how to speak English fluently, she should rather try something positive. What do you feel?

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