Actress Meera Again in Marriage Controversy

Meera is one of the most beautiful and talented movie actresses of Pakistan. No doubt, this lady has worked a lot in quality movies, giving us something nice to see. She has achieved great success across Pakistan, London, Dubai, and New York as a bold Pakistani female.

As we all know that the Pakistani film industry has almost come to an end, but celebrities like Meera are often seen doing one thing or another just to stay in news.

Sometimes actress Meera remains in news due to her hot and sexy videos. One of her hot video (whether it was true or fake) went viral on social media websites a few months back.

At the same time the gorgeous lady is spotted trying to talk to media persons in English. I must say speaking English is not Meera’s cup of tea. But who cares as the lady never gives up trying and trying.

Imran Khan, a famous Pakistani political personality, even received marriage proposal from Meera during the times he was raising his voice for the welfare of the country.

Regardless of whether Imran accepted Meera’s proposal or not, but the two definitely caught media and public attention, not only of Pakistan but also of channels across London, Dubai and New York. This is because Imran Khan is a world famous Pakistani politician.

The clips shared here highlight Meera trying to hide her age. I believe every girl these days wants to be young and young with the passage of every day. On the other hand, we see here that Meera received a wedding proposal from an aged guy.

It is not a new thing for Meera as she is often talked about due to being in love relationships. A lot of controversies are there about her dual marriage. Did she marry someone in London, Dubai or New York? There is no confirmation in this regard. Only God knows!

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