Actress Mahira Khan Favors Item Numbers And Odd Dance Performances

Mahira Khan has become a household name in Toronto, Paris, London, Istanbul, New York, and Dubai. This bold and beautiful female celebrity has worked in dozens of movies and television series.

In a recent interview, Khan has revealed that she is in favor of item numbers. She believes that it is one’s choice whether she wants to do an item song or not.

She further says that no one has the right to insult others as we are all responsible for our own deeds. Her first Bollywood film, Raees, has done very good business at the box office.

According to details, this Shah Rukh Khan-starrer film has earned over $20 million in the first trimester of the year. Mahira has played an important role in this movie and looks quite stunning.

The success of Raees has led her to land lots more projects in B-Town. There are rumors that she is receiving offers from Hollywood, but the actress has refused to comment anything in this regard. While talking about item songs, she said that she would never do an item number because she personally doesn’t like to expose her private body parts.

However, other actresses are free to do whatever they like as everyone has his own choice. No one else should interfere the personal matters of female stars. Moreover, Mahira says that people should stop threatening actresses in the name of Islam.

It is a very beautiful religion and being Muslims we all are bound to stay in our limits. We know what our religious values are and no outsider has a right to give us lessons.

It seems that Mahira Khan is trying to support the actresses who regularly do item songs in the films. In fact, in almost all Bollywood movies, item numbers have become must parts.

She soon has plans to launch a fashion house for her fans in Paris, Dubai, New York, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and worldwide.

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