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Express News is a great online magazine for those who are looking to know what is happening across Pakistan, and other parts of the world. The core objective of this website is to become the leading news portal.

The information shared here is useful in a way that it keeps you updated. There are useful articles and videos about current affairs, celebrities, Pakistanis, and even international problems.

The team of Express News is working day and night just to keep the repute of the website maintained. We want you to feel proud of us whenever you visit this online magazine. However, the videos shared here are not our properties, so if their information is incorrect, you can always get them removed / corrected by contacting the owner(s).

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The focus of Express News is to provide the viewers with authentic and quality information. We spend much time in choosing highly informative topics so that readership can be increased.

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Express News provides opportunities to youth to raise their voices through this platform. We welcome bloggers and journalists to contribute their valuable knowledge.

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