A TV Channel Did Sting Operation Against A Mother

In today’s world, there is not a single city free of prostitutes. It is very unfortunate to say that in London, Dubai, New York and other developed lands of the world, call girls are in high demand.

These ladies are given handsome money to make physical relationships. The men they work for are called their ‘clients’ and it is like a business for them—a way to earn thousands of dollars for one night.

The clips shared here were aired by a famous television channel of Pakistan, which is equally seen and liked across London, Dubai, New York and rest of the world.

Here a little girl is forced by her mother to become prostitute. This has really given big shock to us as we cannot expect a mother to be like that.

A mother, whether she lives in London, Dubai, New York, or any other part of the world, is considered to be a soft hearted female. She has a lot of love in her heart for the children.

She not only gives birth to the little ones, but also becomes a reason of their bright future.

What a bad thing that here a mother is the reason of a daughter’s dark future. I must say such women have no right to be in the society of honest and kind people as these ladies are absolutely animals.

They have no sense or affection for their children and only give preference to earning lots of money.

Such women should be given serious punishments. It is simply a senseless and selfish behavior of a mom ever seen on the internet.

This sting operation went viral on the internet in no time. People across London, New York, Dubai and other world’s parts are shocked to see it. Such ladies are better to be left childless. O God please help the victims of such sins!

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