A 2-Year-Old Gives Birth To Own Twin In China

Beijing: A 2-year-old is reported to have given birth to own twin in China.

Xiao Feng is only two years old and just like other toddlers, he wants to enjoy all pleasures of life.

When Xiao was born, his parents were more than happy but gradually they observed that this little kid has enlarged belly.

Xiao’s parents were concerned so they brought him to doctor immediately for complete medical checkup.

After thorough observation and tests, doctors have viewed that this child has undeveloped fetus of his twin.

Xiao Feng, of Huaxi, was given much attention in the hospital. His bloated stomach made everyone shocked as this has been giving trouble to the little one in breathing.

It is one of the most shocking birth cases ever in history. The medical reports of Xiao have been studied by doctors of London, New York, Dubai, and other major cities to confirm the facts, and they are stunned to see he really has twin in womb.

Doctors found that Xiao had been carrying an undeveloped fetus inside his abdominal cavity. The decision was taken to remove it on an immediate basis with emergency surgery because in such a tiny age how can one reproduce.

This bizarre case is unbelievable but this is not first time when such a thing has happened.

The same was happened in Peru where a 3-year old boy was medically treated because of carrying his parasitic twin brother inside his belly, according to sources.

In 2008, a similar case remained the talk of media when a 9-year-old in Greece was pregnant. This girl was diagnosed with a tumor that took the form of an undeveloped embryo of her parasitic twin.

We pray from Almighty God that He may save us from such incidents. The news has gone viral across Beijing, London, Dubai, and New York etc.

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